The Wallen Legacy offers specialty act training for horses, cattle, camels,  and more. Including liberty, tricks, High school, riding, and driving.

Contact Dan for pricing and availability.

Acts performing around the country that I have trained.
PRCA specialty acts

JW Stoker 

Frankie Punkintown Smith 

Trent McFarland 

Haley Ganzel Proctor 

Jerry Thornton 

Bud Graves

King Brothers Rodeo Company 

Bob Babin
TJ Williams 
Karla Ribordy
Piper Yule
Jessica Blair Fowlkes

George Carden Circus International 

Alain Zerbini Circus

Circus Pages

Hedrick’s Promotions Exotic Animals

Buffalo Gal

Camel Towing Company 

Wendt Animal Enterprises 
Nature's Creek Zoo